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There are automation systems available that have the capability to completely control almost every aspect of a pool or spa. How and what they can control, however, varies depending on the particular system that is used. There are systems designed to automate a single body of water such as a pool only or spa only. Then there are systems that are designed to automate both, a combination of a pool and spa. Valve actuators are installed on top of the diverter valves connected to the automation control box. These valve actuators are able to be set so they move when they’re activated. This allows the valve to divert the flow of water to a predetermined direction. Automation systems usually state how many relays or functions that the system is able to control. There are 4, 6, 8, and even more relays or functions that an automation system can control. It’s good to keep in mind what is actually needing to be automated so that the system has enough relays to accommodate the set-up. Control of the automation system is not only limited to the control box itself. There are many more convenient options available. Via an Indoor control panel, wireless remote control, and even the ability to control from any smart device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Timers are capable of 12-hour or 24-hour scheduling and function utilizing 120V or 240V electric wiring depending on the model. These timers use an on/off timer tripper that is set to the start and stop of your scheduled run time. They can also be coupled with a freeze protection system to ensure the safety of your pool pump and filtration system.

We stock many parts for different timers and automation systems. We have replacement relays, temperature sensors, and circuit boards for many commonly used automation system models. For Intermatic mechanical timers, we carry timer trippers, mechanisms and timers complete with the enclosure as well.

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