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PoolSupplyWorld has all three types of pool cleaners available from the most popular manufactures. We have Robotic cleaners, Suction cleaners, and Pressure cleaners for both in ground and above ground pools.

Robotic Cleaners utilize a separate motor for operation and filter to capture debris, this pool cleaner type is completely independent of the main pool circulation system. Robotic cleaners have a self-contained filter that is easy to clean and have varying filtration capabilities to take advantage of. The amount of electricity that is required to run a robotic pool cleaner is significantly less than what the main circulation pump uses, equalling energy savings on your electric bill. Robotic cleaners are pre-programmed, giving them the ability to cover the entire pool ensuring no spots are missed. Most are capable of cleaning and scrubbing the walls as well as the waterline for an unmatched clean. Robotic cleaners on average have a cleaning pattern width of 15” - 18”.

Suction Side Cleaners utilize the main circulation pump and main filtration system to provide its suction and filtration capabilities. This style of cleaner is connected to either a dedicated suction wall port or the suction side of the skimmer using a 1-½” hose connection. Suction based units are available in a pattern cleaning style, a random cleaning style, and a manual cleaning style. The pattern style will provide 100% pool cleaning as long as the unit is in operating condition. Pattern cleaners have an average cleaning width of 12” - 18”. The random cleaning style or mat style cleaner, providing anywhere from 10% - 100% cleaning depending on where the cleaner is directed that day by the pool’s circulation. The mat style cleaners have an average cleaning width of 12” - 18”. The manual cleaning style provides 100% cleaning and spot cleaning capability. Manual vacuum heads have a cleaning width of 13” - 22”.

Pressure Side Cleaners utilize either the main circulation pump for pressure or a dedicated booster pump for the pressure needed to operate the cleaner. Pressure cleaners are available in an automatic style and a manual style. The automatic style operates via a dedicated pressure port fed by either the main circulation pump or a booster pump. These cleaners use venturi jets located at the bottom of the unit to create suction below the unit and fill a bag with debris located on the top of the unit. As long as the automatic pressure cleaner is in working condition it will provide 100% pool cleaning. These pressure side cleaners have an average cleaner pattern width of 6” - 11”. Manual pressure cleaners are designed to remove leaves and other types of debris on the bottom of the pool. The manual pressure cleaner will provide 80% pool cleaning as the bag is designed to collect leaves and large debris leaving behind any sand and silt-sized particles of debris. Manual pressure cleaners have a cleaner pattern width of 15”.

Here at PoolSupplyWorld, we offer all the most reliable and popular manufacturers and brands such as Hayward, Pentair, Polaris, and many more!