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Brushes, Nets, Rakes The core of pool and spa maintenance is brushing the walls and maintaining a debris-free surface and bottom using a leaf net and leaf rake. This type of maintenance should be completed once to twice a week depending on debris levels and type.

There are four different types of brushes available. It’s important to know what brush is right for your pool interior. Polypropylene bristle brushes have the softest bristle of all the bristle types. They can be used on all interior surface types. Nylon bristle brushes have a medium strength bristle that is chemical resistant. They are typically used on plaster, pebble tech, and fiberglass interior surface types. Half wire and half polypropylene bristle brushes are more aggressive than nylon and should only be used on plaster interior surface types. A full wire is the most aggressive type of brush. These brushes should only be used on plaster interiors. Typically used for black algae treatments to remove the protective coating on the algae spore. There are two main types of skimmers. Surface skimmers are designed to remove items trapped in the surface tension of the water and leaf rake skimmers are designed to remove debris from the bottom of the pool like leaves or sticks resting on the bottom. Both surface skimmers and leaf rakes have different micron nets designed for sand and silt or larger debris.

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