Mineral Sanitizer Systems

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Alternative Sanitizers - There are other alternatives available for sanitizing the water in pools and spas. UV or UltraViolet and mineral sanitizing systems are effective at sanitizing the water while reducing the amount of chlorine that is normally required.

  • Mineral Sanitizer Systems - A secondary sanitizer to chlorine or bromine. These minerals are either copper or silver. Copper is a natural algaecide and silver is an antibacterial. By killing or sanitizing out the microorganisms and bacteria, that frees up your main sanitizer to concentrate on non-living organic waste. By reducing the amount of non-living organic waste the pH and Alkalinity become easier to balance. This makes the water feel softer to the skin, hair, and eyes for a more natural swimming experience. There are a variety of mineral sanitizing systems available to accommodate spas, hot tubs, above ground and in-ground pool applications. They are easy to install into existing equipment set up and will help reduce the amount of the chlorine that is needed to keep the water sanitized.
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