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Natural Chemistry - Provides a wide range of products from phosphate removers, enzymes, sequestering agents, chelating agents, and many more. Some of the more popular products include Pool Perfect + Phosfree, Phosfree, Metal Free, Instant Conditioner, Pool First Aid, Pool Perfect, and Purge.

Pool Perfect + PHOSfree is a great addition to your weekly pool maintenance. Adding one cap full in the skimmer every week treats up to 8,000 gallons of water. The Pool Perfect component in the product is an enzyme that will break down non-living organics and reduce oils and scum build up on the interior surfaces. The PHOSfree component is a lanthanum based phosphate remover. This will filter out the phosphates that are in the water by trapping them in the main filter of the pool. Once the filter is cleaned or backwashed, the phosphates are removed from the pool. This is a great way of maintaining low phosphate levels which is incredibly effective in preventing algae growth. These two components together help provide clean, silky soft water while keeping phosphates near zero.

PHOSfree is a phosphate removal product used to lower phosphate levels above 300 ppb. PHOSfree is a phosphate remover using lanthanum to trap and filter out the phosphates that are in the water. Phosphates are essentially food for algae and sources of them come from rain, swimmers, leaves, and other foliage that can contaminate the water. Helping to reduce a higher level will limit the amount of potential the algae has to grow. Having lower amounts of phosphates in the water will help reduce not only algae blooms but the chemicals that are used to treat the water as well.

Metal Free is a chelating agent that deactivates the oxidation rate of minerals or metals that can potentially cause staining and water discoloration. Natural Chemistry’s Metal-free is suggested to be added at closing and opening of residential pools to prevent staining. One bottle is able to treat up to 20,000 gallons of water.

Instant Conditioner is pre-dissolved cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid is a chlorine protectant designed to protect the chlorine from the UVA and UVB radiation produced by the sun. Typically normally chlorinated pools have a CYA residual of 30 - 50 ppm and saltwater chlorinated pools are 60 - 80 ppm. On a fresh pool fill, Natural Chemistry Instant Conditioner 1 gallon bottle treats 10,000 gallons with an approximate increase in CYA level of 30 ppm.

Pool First Aid is a single shot of enzyme and a clarifier built into one fantastic product. It aids in the clarifying after an algae treatment by breaking down dead algae while at the same time, increasing your filtration capability to filter out the dead algae. Pool First Aid is also a great product to add to assist in the removal of pollen and other materials that can be trapped in the pool water’s surface tension.

Pool Perfect is a single shot of enzyme that eats and breaks down non-living organic waste contaminates. Pool Perfect is a maintenance product that should be used weekly to maintain low levels of waste and contaminants that can cause demand on residual chlorine levels. Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect should be added at a rate of 1 capful per 8,000 gallons while walking around the perimeter of the pool for even distribution.

Purge is a quad shot of enzyme that eats and breaks down non-living organic waste contaminates. Designed to clean all the spots you can’t from the pump, filter, and plumbing. Purge should be added with a circulation pump running and sanitizer level below 5ppm, adding the recommended dosage to the skimmer. Circulate for 24 hours with the main circulation pump running continuously. Backwash or clean the filter. After the 24 hours, super chlorinate the pool. Proceed with regular pool maintenance. This is also a suggested product to use before draining the pool to simply replace the water or if you are doing planned maintenance such as a liner change.

At Pool Supply World, we’re proud to offer products from Natural Chemistry as they provide many benefits and real results for our customers. Natural Chemistry’s products help make maintaining your pool and spa easier, reducing the amount of harsher chemicals normally used to treat the water.