73 Super Strength Pro Pool Shock 50 LB Bucket 70 Available Chlorine

73% Super Strength Pro Pool Shock 50 LB Bucket, 70% Available Chlorine

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Cal-Hypo Super Strength Pool Shock 50 LB Bucket gives you a quick and effective way to shock your pool and keep it sparkling clean.
SKU #: 14720
  • Pool Shock and Super Chlorinator
  • Fast dissolving granular formula
  • 73% Cal-Hypo (Calcium Hypochlorite)
  • 70% available chlorine
  • Available in 50lb Buckets- 100lb option arrives as two 50lb buckets for no extra charge!
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria or algae
  • Prevents future growth of algae
  • Non-Stabilized Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Note: Items received have the same chemical make-up, but may not look exactly like the item pictured above
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