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Ozone systems sanitize water by killing microorganisms, bacteria, and pathogens. The ozone molecule is generated in two different methods. The first is the UV method. Ozone generators apply an electrical charge to the air that passes through. This splits apart some normal oxygen atom’s into unstable atoms. Which bond with other O2 molecules to form O3 ozone molecules. This O3 ozone molecule is what sanitizes and kills microorganisms, bacteria, and pathogens. This frees up the main sanitizer to now concentrate on non-living organic waste. Making the water balance more stable and less prone to fluctuation.

Ozone is a very effective oxidizer and when used can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed to sanitize the water. In fact, supplementing with a chlorine level as little as 0.5 ppm is sufficient enough when using an Ozonator on the pool or spa. Using a mixing degas vessel or MDV with an ozone system will help eliminate the ozone bubbles from returning to the pool and off-gassing. This is especially important for indoor installations as well as vinyl liner pools.

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