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Natural gas and propane pool heaters increase the overall water temperature in a pool almost immediately. So if you are looking for a unit that is going to keep you and your family swimming year-round, look no further than a natural gas or propane heater. These heaters have different attributes that are very important like Low NOx, ASME, Heavy Duty, Elevation, and ignition type. Low NOx means that the unit meets emissions standards for states that require Low NOx units. ASME stands for the American Society of Mechanical Engineering. This is a certification provided to heaters that are suitable for commercial use. Heavy-duty, in most situations, is letting you know what kind of heat exchanger the heater has either a copper or cupro-nickel heat exchanger. Copper is suggested to be used with a pool that’s using tablets to provide regular sanitization. If the pool is using a salt system to maintain chlorine levels, it’s suggested to use a cupro-nickel heat exchanger due to its increased ability to resist corrosion.

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