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Using a heater on your pool and spa allows you to enjoy the water year-round. Swimming can provide hours of backyard entertainment and adding a heater will help you get even more use out of your investment. Having a heater or heat pump in your equipment set-up gives you a more comfortable swimming experience in your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. Heated water lets you swim regardless of the season or temperature that’s outside. There are some different ways to heat the water including using a gas heater, electric heat pump, electric heater and solar heating.

When you’re looking to heat the water for almost immediate use, a natural or propane gas heater will get the water warmed up in no time. Ranging in BTU from 100,000 - 400,000 natural gas and propane units will have little to no issue lifting the overall water temperature. Heater use a burner tray and heat exchanger to pass heat into the water passing through the heat exchanger.

If you’re wanting to maintain the warm temperature of the pool or spa water, an electric heat pump will help keep it at the level you desire. Heat pumps use a compressor, heat exchanger, and the outside ambient air temperature to build and maintain water temperature. Heat pumps range in BTU from 50,000 - 140,000 BTU units and requires 230V of electricity and a 30 - 60 amp breaker to operate. They perform more efficiently when the outside ambient temperature is 78°F.

Electric heaters or element heaters are slower at transferring heat than propane or natural gas heaters (approximately 45 minutes to heat your spa with an electric heater versus 20 minutes with a gas heater) and costs approximately 40% more to operate. Electric heaters use an element that is located inside an Incoloy heating tube. The pool or spa water go through the tube and the element transfers heat to the water.

To save on water evaporation and heat-loss, pairing a heater or heat pump with a thermal solar cover or blanket reduces the amount of time running the heater or heat pump. Solar covers are also great to use by themselves as a more economical way to heat the water. They also help extend the swimming season by letting you swim about a month earlier and a month longer during the year. Using a solar cover reel will help the process of taking the cover on and off the pool much easier.

Solar heating systems feature the use of solar panels in direct sunlight, heating the water passing through the pipes. This process can raise the water temperature approximately 10° - 15° F. The solar heating panels also can be installed by either mounting them on the roof or on the ground to heat above ground pools.

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