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Owning a pool or spa asks a lot of you, requiring time, energy, investment and patience. Maintaining a pool or spa is one of the single most important aspects of being a pool or spa owner. It can be rewarding and stressful at the same time. Instilling a consistent pool or spa care and maintenance routine will help reduce the stress that owning a pool or spa can bring.

Pool Covers - Pool covers have a couple different purposes and uses. Some are used to heat the water and help with heat retention while others are more for providing a barrier from debris and for safety purposes.

  • Solar Covers & Liquid Solar Cover - Solar covers and liquid solar cover assist in maintaining the water temperature by preventing water evaporation. The prevention of evaporation not only retains the water temperature, but it also assists in maintaining good water balance. This is due to the fact that the water that is already chemically treated and balanced stays in the pool.
  • Solar Cover Reels - Solar Cover Reels are designed to easily install or remove your solar cover with the turn of a handle for inground and above ground pools.
  • Winter Covers - Winter covers are designed to be used in the off-season preventing debris and contaminants from entering the pool water. This will allow for an easier pool opening in the spring and less chemical imbalance in the water.
  • Safety Covers - Safety covers are designed to prevent unintended entry into a body of water, secured with straps and anchors onto the surrounding area or deck. These safety covers are ideal for children, elderly, and weak swimmers.
Filter Cartridges and Grids
  • A cartridge filter contains single or multiple pleated filter elements inside them. The filter element(s) collect dirt and debris as water flows through. With the filter’s pleated design, it allows for a greater area of filtration. They consist of a polyester fabric material wrapped around a core shaped cylinder.
  • A D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter contains filter grids inside using D.E. as a filter media to coat the grids. This provides the most infiltration capability out of all the filters used for pools. Like sand filters, they also require backwashing. This flushes out the dirt and debris that the coated grids collected. Then after you complete a backwash, you need to replenish the D.E. filter media to cover the grids inside again.
Chemical Feeders
  • A chemical feeder whether inline or offline is designed to feed a highly chlorinated or brominated solution into the body of water when the circulation system is running. The sanitizer solution is metered into the body of water via a control valve located on the inline or offline feeder.
Brushes, Nets, Rakes The core of pool and spa maintenance is brushing the walls and maintaining a debris-free surface and bottom with the leaf net and leaf rakes. This type of maintenance should be completed once to twice a week depending on debris levels and type. Water Testing
  • Water testing the pool or spa is extremely important. Maintaining water balance makes the body of water more comfortable and appealing to swimmers and bathers alike. The pool or spa should be tested once a week if not more in season. And once a month or less out of season.
Filter Media
  • Filter media is mainly used in sand and D.E. filters. The standard for sand filters is #20 Grade Silica Sand whereas D.E filters use D.E or diatomaceous earth. There are also alternative filter media types available. For sand filters, Zeolite Sand and Filter Balls provide increased filtration capability as well as ease of use. For a non-carcinogenic filter media option, cellulose fiber for D.E. filters is a great alternative. It can even be used periodically to help filter out smaller debris in cartridge filters and sand filters.
  • Telescoping poles attached to cleaning and maintenance products allow for cleaning while not in the water. Telescoping poles come in three-piece 5’-15’, two-piece 6’-12’, and two-piece 8’-16’. These telescopic poles are either made of aluminum or fiberglass.
Maintenance Kits
  • Maintenance kits contain the basic cleaning attachments needed to maintain a pool or spa including a skimmer, brush and manual vacuum head.
Vacuum Heads
  • Utilizing a vacuum head attachment onto a telescopic pole, the suction vacuum hose connects to the suction-side of the skimmer or dedicated suction wall port. While this cleaning type is the most time consuming, it offers the most affordable and comprehensive cleaning out of all the other types of pool cleaners. The fact that the user has to manually operate it ensures that no leaves or debris are left behind. Vacuum head attachments are available in inground and above ground models.
  • Thermometers are designed to inform swimmers and bathers alike of the water temperature. These thermometers no longer use the element mercury as the fluid within the thermometer for health reasons. The fluid within a thermometer is actually colored wax in either blue or red.
  • There are different types of hoses for use with pools and spas. Suction vacuum hose comes in varying lengths for manual vacuuming, featuring one swivel end to attach onto the vacuum head to reduce tangling. They also come in sections that are designed to be used with automatic suction side pool cleaners. Pressure cleaner hoses come in varying sizes and materials as well such as feed tube hose. Backwash hose is used with sand filters, D.E. filters and pool cover pumps to help direct the flow of the water that is being sent out.
Scum Removers
  • Scum removers feature enzymes and cleansers designed to assist in the removal of non-living organic waste, oil, and grease from the water’s surface. Doing so prevents bubble formation and a scum ring from accumulating around the perimeter of the body of water.
Pool Closing

Pool Closing Chemicals
  • Pool Closing Chemicals will help you get the pool or spa prepared for closing. This is important when the water is not used for an extended period of time. Chemicals to remove phosphates and staining/scaling as well as clarifiers and shock, help ensure the pool or spa water is in balance. Closing a pool or spa properly increases the chance for a more successful opening for the next season.
Pool Closing Kits
  • Pool Closing Kits allow any customer to easily buy all the chemicals needed to close the pool for the winter. Our pool closing kits reduce the stress of trying to figure out how much and what chemicals are required for the pool closing.
Equipment Covers
  • Equipment Covers assist in prolonging the life of heaters, heat pumps, and diving boards protecting them from the winter elements.
Pool Cover Pumps
  • Pool Cover Pumps reduce the strain of water weight caused by rain and snow on top of your winter cover.
Water Tubes and Weights
  • Water Tubes and Weights help secure winter covers and leaf nets so that they are not blown away or displaced from the wind.
Skimmer and Drain Protection
  • Skimmer and Drain Protection help prevent any moisture or water from freezing in smaller plumbing areas such as the skimmer. Using these products help ensure the pipes will not crack or get damaged from water freezing which can expand in the plumbing.
Winterizing Hardware
  • Winterizing Hardware includes but is not limited to winter plugs and skimmer covers.
Above Ground Seals and Air Pillows
  • Above Ground Seals and Air Pillows are designed to prolong the life of your pool winter cover. The seal prevents high winds from lifting the winter cover off the pool. The air pillow keeps the winter cover off the surface of the water. This prevents the chemicals in the water from breaking down the cover and to help protect the pool walls from the pressure of freezing.
Leaf Nets
  • Leaf Nets allow for large amounts of debris to be removed from the surface of the pool by simply removing the leaf net. They also prevent organic stains caused by leaves resting on the interior surface.
Safety Cover Anchors and Accessories
  • Safety Cover Anchors and Accessories allow a safety cover to be securely fastened to the perimeter of the pool. Assisting in preventing unwanted entry into the body of water.
Filter Cartridge Cleaners
  • Filter Cartridge Cleaners aid in the breakdown and removal of non-living organic waste contaminants, oil, and grease. These contaminants could potentially be trapped deep within the pleats of the cartridge. Using cleaners returns the cartridge to its original square footage of filtration capability.
Skimmer Baskets
  • Skimmer Baskets help collect and trap debris that is floating on top in the water's surface tension such as leaves and insects.
Repair Supplies
  • Repair Supplies includes things such as vinyl pool repair kits, infloor cleaning head removal and installation tools, and o-ring go-kits.
Handheld Pool and Spa Vacuums
  • Handheld Pool and Spa Vacuums allow for easy and quick cleaning for maintaining the cleanliness of your pool or spa.
O-Ring Kits
  • O-Ring Kits are available for many different manufacturers and models of pumps, filters and valves. They contain all the replacement o-rings and gaskets required for proper maintenance or repair.