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Chemical Kits - Designed to open and close pools and spas of various volumes of water easily. Most kits include a chlorinated shock, oxidizing shock, stain and scale preventer, algaecide, clarifier, and test strips. Please make sure you read the contents of the kit as not all kits have the same products included. When adding chemicals to the water, make sure that the main circulation pump is running on the pool or spa. This will help to evenly distribute the chemicals that are being added. Even though the kits are convenient. Buying the chemical in bulk at a cheaper price per ounce and cheaper price per pound. These chemicals are used to treat the water seasonally.

At Pool Supply World, we only carry the highest quality chemical kits so you know you’re getting an exceptional product at the best price. When you buy chemical kits from us, they’ll provide your water with an even and consistent amount of chemical to keep your pool and spa properly sanitized and balanced. Safe and healthy water is easily attainable with the chemical kits from Pool Supply World.