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There are two types of backwash valves used for Sand and D.E. Filters. Both are commonly used, but the way they operate differs greatly. Backwash valves are designed to control the flow of water within the filter tank itself. Multiport valves are capable of different types of operations such as filter, backwash, backwash to waste, recirculate, rinse, closed, and winter. Multiport valves are great for larger debris markets but not suggested for sand and silt markets. This is due to the fact that fine particles such as sand can get under the multiport valve handle, making it more difficult to rotate. Push-Pull valves are capable of two different types of operation. The first being filtration mode the second being backwash mode. Push-Pull valves are designed to be used in sand and silt markets.

Valves can also control the flow of water before and after the filter. These types of valves can be two-port or three-port. A two-port valve is designed to shut off or partially restrict the flow of water within the plumbing system. A three-port valve is designed to provide a specific path the water needs to follow. Whether it be a valve on the inlet or discharge end of the system. There are valves designed to prevent water from flowing backward in the system called check valves. Check valves are especially important when there is a chemical feeder or salt chlorination cell installed after a heater. Installing a corrosion resistant check valve helps prevent the highly concentrated chlorinated water from going back into the heat exchanger when the pump is off.

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