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Water Balancers - Used to raise and lower Cyanuric Acid.

  • Water Stabilizer & Conditioner - Cyanuric Acid often referred to as conditioner or stabilizer, is a chlorine protectant, designed to protect the chlorine molecules in your pool from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. If the cyanuric acid level in the pool/spa is lower than desired, the chlorine consumption in the pool/spa will be rapid and costly. So make sure to add either the liquid conditioner or granular conditioner to maintain sufficient cyanuric acid levels. Add Water Stabilizer & Conditioner at a rate of 1-⅔ lbs. For every 10,000 gallons which will raise CYA level approximately 30 ppm. Adding one gallon of Instant Conditioner will raise the CYA level approximately 30 ppm for every 10,000 gallons as well.
  • The lowest recommended CYA (cyanuric acid) level in a chlorine pool is 30ppm. The lowest recommended CYA (cyanuric acid) level for saltwater chlorinated pools is 60ppm.
If the cyanuric acid level in the pool/spa is higher than desired, the chlorine consumption in the pool/spa will be non-existent. The reason for this is that the chlorine is being overprotected by the high level of cyanuric acid. The water sanitizer being overprotected can cause algae blooms, turbidity, and other chemical imbalances as foreign contaminants build up in the water. The most common way of lowering the cyanuric acid level in a pool is through dilution. Performing either one big drain depending on the cyanuric acid level or a series of smaller partial drains and refills. The basic rule of thumb is the more water removed the better.

Note: Drains should not be completed if the outside ambient air temperature is at or higher than 85°F. This will put the interior surface at risk of cracking and eventually failing. Over time the use of trichlor tablets and dichlor shock, causes cyanuric acid levels to build up making the chlorine less effective in sanitizing pool water.

Natural Chemistry CYA Reducer

Cyanuric acid levels can be lowered by Natural Chemistry called CYA Reducer. This allows the cyanuric acid level to be lowered without having to drain all the water out of the pool. Using this method for CYA removal saves on chemical costs and prevents water waste. It features two easy steps, making it simple for the pool owner’s to lower the CYA level in 25,000 gallons for levels up to 150ppm.

Note: Please read and understand all instructions before attempting to use the Natural Chemistry CYA Reducer.

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