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15 Results



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Pressure Side Cleaners utilize either the main circulation pump for pressure or a dedicated booster pump for the pressure needed to operate the cleaner. Pressure cleaners are available in an automatic style and a manual style. The automatic style operates via a dedicated pressure port fed by either the main circulation pump or a booster pump. These cleaners use venturi jets located in the bottom of the unit to create suction below the unit and fill a bag with debris located on the top of the unit. As long as the automatic pressure cleaner is in working condition it will provide 100% pool cleaning. These pressure side cleaners have an average cleaner pattern width of 6” - 11”. Manual pressure cleaners are designed to remove leaves and other types of debris on the bottom of the pool. The manual pressure cleaner will provide 80% pool cleaning as the bag is designed to collect leaves and large debris leaving behind any sand and silt-sized particles of debris. Manual pressure cleaners have a cleaner pattern width of 15”.

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