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Cartridge Filter Replacements

  • A cartridge filter contains single or multiple pleated filter elements inside them. The filter element(s) collect dirt and debris as water flows through. With the filter’s pleated design, it allows for a greater area of filtration. They consist of a polyester fabric material wrapped around a core shaped cylinder.
  • At PoolSupplyWorld we’re proud to offer Pleatco cartridge filter replacements providing the best quality and value for our customers. Pleatco cartridges feature an engineered core, allowing for better water flow and more access to the filter material in the elements. This design means that more dirt and debris are able to be filtered out resulting in less restriction on the water flow. Other manufacturers' filter designs have small holes drilled into a PVC core, limiting the area that the dirt and debris are able to be filtered.
  • Cartridges are sold individually, sets of two, and sets of four.
DE Filter Grid Replacements
  • A D.E. (diatomaceous earth) filter contains filter grids inside using D.E. as a filter media to coat the grids. This provides the most in filtration capability out of all the filters used for pools. Like sand filters, they also require backwashing. This flushes out the dirt and debris that the coated grids collected. Then after you complete a backwash, you need to replenish the D.E. filter media to cover the grids inside again.
  • When replacing DE filter grids, the easiest way to identify which size grids to get is to measure the height of the grid. For example, if the height of the grid is 24 inches tall, that indicates the filter is a 48 Sq Ft D.E. filter. So if you multiply the height of the grid by two, you get the square footage of filtration of the DE filter.
  • Grids are sold individually in full and partial sizes, sold as sets of 7 full and one partial, and if offered by the manufacturer sold as a complete grid pack.
Here at PoolSupplyWorld, we offer all the most reliable and popular manufacturers and brands such as Pleatco, Filbur and many more!