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The most important aspect to owning an above ground or in ground pool is safety. Ensuring the safety of the bathers and swimmers in your pool or spa area should be a main priority. Safety materials and items vary based on the needs for the specific pool or spa area.

Drain cover and safety vacuum release systems are now designed to prevent bathers and swimmers from being entrapped by the suction at the main drain located in the bottom or wall of the pool. The drain cover is designed to be anti-entrapment meeting the specifications of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act of 2008. These main drain covers come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. Safety Vacuum Release Systems or SVRS are recommended for residential and commercial pools and spas. Having one installed prevents against pool and spa drain entrapment as it will automatically shut off the main circulation pump if there is a sudden change in the water pressure. An example of a change in pressure would be a bather or swimmer getting stuck to the main drain.

Skimmer lids on average are 8” - 10” diameter. If the skimmer lid is not in place the hole left behind could pose a potential trip hazard. Ensuring the lid is tightly secured also prevents any small animals or excess debris from falling into the skimmer, potentially causing suction issues or damaging the skimmer basket and skimmer weir. Skimmer lids add to the safety of the pool and spa, available in many material and color choices to complement the pool and spa area surroundings.

Pool and spa ladders, rails, and steps will assist the bathers and swimmers with entering and exiting the water as needed. These items come in many different styles, sizes, and materials, allowing them to be used in a variety of unique pool and spa applications. For example, if the item is being installed or used in a saltwater environment, marine-grade materials are corrosion resistant. This feature makes them ideal for use in areas where pools and spas are using a salt chlorination system.

Pool fencing and safety cover barriers are used to prevent unintended pool or spa entry. Fencing and gates are available with locks or self-closing hinges for added security as well. Safety covers are designed to span the length and width of the pool and carry the weight of someone that may have fallen onto the cover. Safety covers come in the standard mesh as well as solid covers for different applications. Many of them also feature a center drain, allowing excess snow or water on top of the cover to drain into the pool.

Safety signs and depth markers are a quick way of informing bathers and swimmers alike that an area in the pool may be unsafe. For instance, if a weak swimmer is planning on swimming in your backyard pool, it would be important to inform the swimmer that the depth is changing in the pool via a depth rope or depth marking signs or tiles. Safety signs such as a pool rules sign are another great way to inform bathers and swimmers alike that the pool and spa area has a specific set of rules. We carry signs that are required for many commercial properties such as hotels, apartments, resorts, and public pools or spas.

Water alarms and door alarms are designed to notify the homeowner or pool owner that someone or something has either left the house or has broken the water surface tension for the pool or spa. The alarms will have a 120-decibel siren that will go off informing the home or pool area of an issue. Door alarms commonly have a bypass button. The bypass button should be installed high enough to prevent children from hitting that button and exiting the home. The water alarm senses the water surface tension and will activate a 120-decibel siren when the surface tension of the water has been broken. This is extremely important for infants and weak swimmers.

Water levelers are designed to maintain the water level in the pool. The water level is important to prevent the main circulation pump from running dry. In the event that a pump is running dry, the system will create air friction within the pump body. The heat created can damage pump internal parts and can eventually cause the motor to seize.

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