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Pool and spa ladders, steps, and rails will assist the bathers and swimmers with entering and exiting the water as needed. These items come in many different styles, sizes, and materials, allowing them to be used in a variety of unique pool and spa applications. For example, if the item is being installed or used in a saltwater environment, marine-grade materials are corrosion resistant. This feature makes them ideal for use in areas where pools and spas are using a salt chlorination system. Pool and spa ladders also are available with different amounts of steps and tread options such as Elite Stainless Steel, High Impact Plastic, and Sure Step Tread. It’s important to note that when ordering ladders to order the appropriate escutcheon plates and anchors accordingly. If ordering a powder-coated colored ladder, the escutcheons are included but must be ordered separately for stainless steel ladders.

Many above ground pool steps and ladders have a safety feature that allows the ladder to be flipped up and locked in place preventing access to the pool. In the event you have a deck on the pool, access to the deck should be restricted by either a latched gate or an alarmed door. Above ground pool steps are specifically designed to limit the amount of space they take up when placed inside the pool. When installing ladders or steps in an above ground pool, it's a good idea to use a mat or pad to help reduce wear and tear of the liner at the bottom of the pool.

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