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Specialty - Specialty chemicals include clarifiers, algaecide, and stain and scale products.

  • Clarifiers - Designed to increase the filtration capability of the filter installed on the pool or spa. Clarifiers can either make the particulate in the pool larger by coagulating fine particles into a larger one or flocculate the water and break the surface tension of the water allowing all the debris to drop to the bottom for vacuuming.
  • Cleaners - Chemicals designed to reduce non-living organic waste, reduce phosphates, calcium, evaporation, turbidity, and stain and scale build up.
  • Algaecide - Designed to make algae spores more susceptible to the sanitizing power of a high level of chlorine residual. Algaecides can be mineral based, polyquat, or granular ammonia based. Without the presence of an algaecide increasing the effectiveness of the chlorine, the chlorine molecules will just bounce off of the algae spore.
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