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Specialty - Specialty chemicals include clarifiers, algaecide, and stain and scale products. Cleaners - Chemicals designed to reduce non-living organic waste, phosphates, stain and scale build-up, evaporation, turbidity.

  • Enzymes - Eat non-living organic waste contaminants. Ridding the water of unnecessary chlorine demand.
  • Phosphate Removers - Remove the food source for algae by filtering it out. Clean the filter and the phosphates go with the debris.
  • Stain and Scale Products - These specialty cleaning products can be used for treatments or prevention or mineral and metal stains.
  • Evaporation Reducers - designed to prevent loss of water through evaporation. Evaporation also reduces water temperature and adjusts chemical balance.
  • Clarifiers - Designed to increase the filtration capability of the filter installed on the pool or spa and reduce turbidity. Clarifiers can either make the particulate in the pool larger by coagulating fine particles into a larger one or flocculate the water and break the surface tension of the water allowing all the debris to drop to the bottom for vacuuming.
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