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22 Results



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Suction Side Cleaners utilize the main circulation pump and main filtration system to provide its suction and filtration capabilities. This style of cleaner is connected to either a dedicated suction wall port or the suction side of the skimmer using a 1-½” hose connection. Suction based units are available in a pattern cleaning style, a random cleaning style, and manual cleaning style. The pattern style will provide 100% pool cleaning as long as the unit is in operating condition. Pattern cleaners have an average cleaning width of 12” - 18”. The random cleaning style or mat style cleaner, providing anywhere from 10% - 100% cleaning depending on where the cleaner is directed that day by the pool’s circulation. The mat style cleaners have an average cleaning width of 12” - 18”. The manual cleaning style provides 100% cleaning and spot cleaning capability. Manual vacuum heads have a cleaning width of 13” - 22”.

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