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Water Testing

  • Water testing the pool or spa is extremely important. Maintaining water balance makes the body of water more comfortable and appealing to swimmers and bathers alike. The pool or spa should be tested once a week if not more in season. And once a month or less out of season.
  • Test kits using reagents are one of the most tried and true methods of testing the water in pools and spas. Reagent testing kits use a comparator or test block, featuring a color gradient for chlorine and pH readings. After using the reagent drops, compare the color of the water that is being tested to the color that indicates what specific reading it most closely aligns with. Besides chlorine and pH, some test kits are able to test for many additional elements in the water. Total alkalinity, acid or base demand, cyanuric acid and calcium hardness are some of the other elements of water testing that testing kits can test for.
  • Test Strips offer the ability to test for multiple water elements while offering the convenience of using just one test strip. The technology for testing strips has improved over the years and is now a very accurate method for testing the water in pools and spas. The single test strip features multiple colored pads that test for things such as chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, CYA, and calcium hardness. One of the most commonly used methods for testing phosphates and metals such as copper or iron, use a test strip to provide an accurate reading.
  • Digital testing helps minimize human error in deciphering what color or shade most closely matches what reading. They provide just the actual number so there’s no mistaking what the reading actually is. Digital testing is able to test for things such as salt and total dissolved solids (TDS) quickly and accurately.
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